Government Is Slavery

"The problem is that people who are deactivated and dumbed down, having little to no experience or understanding of higher consciousness or real knowledge (sadly, most people), are easily fooled into the belief that "human nature" is animalistic and instinctual, and that there is no more to it than that. So much propaganda that passes for "science" in academia attempts to psychologically inculcate the notion that the universe is dead, randomly playing out cause and effect for no purpose.

Know thyself.

When this dictum is truly taken to heart, and enough knowledge, care, and action is taken to activate latent potentials of consciousness, experience alone reduces to absurdity the notion of a dead and random existence, or of humans being nothing more than mechanistic automatons enslaved to instinct."

Very beautifuly said. Statism is basically institutionalized self-hate.

Thank you for this.

>million-d chess...

No comprendo hombre... explain it like I'm 5? I mean, isn't this just polite code for "people are too stupid to understand what's going on so therefore I won't actually bother to explain it"

>difference between what Obama represented and what Trump represents

Like the difference between a right hand and a left hand... totally different.

>Trump, on the other hand, is just another schmuck like you and me

A billionaire shmuck... but just like us, surely.

>And why must the office exist?

This is the question. It has nothing to do with the personality of the president, though I hardly think one of us schmucks would have given the order to bomb Syria. If you still believe Trump's "outsider", "drain the swamp" rhetoric at this point, I have to ask if you are paying attention at all.

It has everything to do with the fact that no one should be entrusted with or even acknowledged as having the power to commit acts of violence which no one has a right to commit. Even participating in an election that decides *which* person to bestow this power upon is a vile act and a stupid one.

>Well, if you start thinking of it as a fort against encroaching sovereigns,
>a move made in the context of a war, instead of a Platonic ideal, you may understand.

In other words "protection". As I have stated before, no human need or problem, including the need to be protected from other humans justifies the use of violence against peaceful innocent people in order to meet or solve those needs. The tacit assumption that there is no other way, besides the imposition of such violence, to accomplish these things is the result, not of logical deduction and processing of facts, but of the swallowing the propaganda of the state which requires the endless specter of some kind of threatening boogie-man to "protect" people from and thereby justify its existence to the masses of the weak minded, and to appeal to cowardice and laziness to assume personal responsibility for dealing with it.

>The post does not exist so that the man elected president may have it,
>but so that free men, sovereigns in their land, may choose among themselves
>one to represent them against sovereigns that have submission in mind.

One who understands sovereignty would never "elect" one to exercise the power to commit violence upon others and thereby acknowledge a false claim of authority to do so. The idea of representative government is a farce and a lie. There is no one to whom I will grant authority or consent to represent me. The idea that I am somehow obligated to submit for another man to do so, and the belief that it's OK because I am granted the illusion of being able to choose between several people, amounts to nothing less than the brainwashing agenda of the religious cult of democracy, and constitutes a betrayal of conscience.

"Interestingly, even those who talk about "representative government" refuse to accept any personal responsibility for actions taken by those for whom they voted. If their candidate of choice enacts a harmful "law," or raises "taxes," or wages war, the voters never feel the same guilt or shame they would feel if they themselves had personally done such things, or had hired or instructed someone else to do such things. This fact demonstrates that even the most enthusiastic voters do not actually believe the rhetoric about "representative government," and do not view politicians as their representatives." - Larken Rose

>In case you were wondering, I don't vote and do my best to avoid taxes, hate them.

Glad to hear it. You were starting to sound like a Trump supporter there for a second.

>It's not a matter of what one should do. It is a matter of strategic comprehension.
>So, I do relate. But you're freaking out. Tell me one time that won you a chess match.

If it seems like I'm freaking out, it's because the more I learn, the crazier it seems to me that everyone is so calm about the situation. THE HOUSE IS ON FUCKING FIRE!!!!

Everyone standing by calmly while people are being raped, tortured, and murdered en mass, and saying "oh, don't worry about it, quit protesting so much, it's all for the greater good..." etc. etc., disgusts me to no end and I will not shut up about it till I'm dead.

>Very beautifuly said. Statism is basically institutionalized self-hate.
>Thank you for this.

Thanks too, and I very much agree with this statement about statism.

I watched the "Jones Plantation" and "Voting is Violence" videos.

Sorry, but the JP video is way too simplistic.

The ViV video: The federal US voting systems are a joke, especially for president, but not voting won't do a damn thing. The warring powers that be don't need your consent.

War, sanctions, hegemony, etc are unethical. Not voting and/or not paying income taxes will not stop these atrocious actions. I don't know what will, but I think the first step is for humans in general to agree that these are unethical.

Humans have two existential problems: nuclear war and environmental collapse.

The question I end up with when thinking about war and such is: How can humans stop violence without using violence?

Even in true cases of self-defense, doing the least harm (no harm being ideal) should be the goal.

"You were starting to sound like a Trump supporter there for a second."

Through and through.

without a government people could just murder you without consequences you ok with that?

>Sorry, but the JP video is way too simplistic.

It's mean to be both a simplification and an exaggeration, this does not in any way detract from the apt correlation to the situation we find ourselves in today where some flowery rhetoric of freedom is enough to satiate and distract enough people from seeing the blatant truth of their slavery, and fail to even notice the worsening conditions being imposed upon them by their masters.

>not voting won't do a damn thing. The warring powers that be don't need your consent.

Yes, they do, speaking collectively. War is expensive. How do you think they get the money to fund that? You think they would just fork it out of their own pockets? How much war could they really wage then? The idea is to get rich, steal the wealth of the entire world... not go broke.

>Not voting and/or not paying income taxes will not stop these atrocious actions.

Solving a problem necessarily involves understanding its causal factors, its root, and then to remove the cause. The cause of the war (as far as we have the power to assume responsibility for) is the willingness of people to continue to fund it through allowing their productivity to be harvested and used for that purpose. It is only in the people waking up to their role in this and STOP being a part of it that it will ever desist.

What will positively never work is thinking that working within the system by voting, petitioning, protesting, or even trying to change it from the inside. These efforts are doomed to failure for one simple reason, and if you understand the full implications and meaning of an utterance by Mayer Rothschild, you will understand that reason:

"Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes her laws".

He knew all too well that whomever has the exclusive power to produce the money is a defacto king. Everyone who is not a complete idiot knows that governments respond to the highest corporate bidder far more than to their citizenry, and the legal authorization and enforcement of one private group being given the sole authority to produce money, at their whim, makes them as powerful as any king could hope to be. He also knew that he could state this publicly, arrogantly, and not enough people would understand it to even matter.

As long as people accept fiat currency, produced by private banks, the banks will rule those people through the corporate control structure which they sit atop of, by virtue of the the fact that they produce, and LEND out all the money for their own profit and agenda to own and control everything and everyone on the planet.

Non-participation by the masses of people perpetuating the problem by their willingness to consent and fund the state's activities (STOPPING THE CAUSE) is the only thing that will abate the violence of war and other atrocities of the state, but more importantly, it is a moral duty to do so regardless of how effective we might imagine it will be.

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and following its decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul." - Mahatma Gandhi

>I don't know what will, but I think the first step is for humans in general to agree that these are unethical.

As far as solutions, there are two parts to this IMO. One is exercising the most powerful word in the universe, our usage (or non-usage) of which is the indication of the understanding of our individual sovereignty: "NO".

We must say "NO" to the decrees of the evil system when it asks us to fight their wars, fund them, or consent to "authorizing" individuals to engage violence as our "representatives". This includes taking more responsibility on every level, but especially in how we acquire resources. By design most of us are dependent on the apparatus of the state and it's scam corporate economy just to live. This must end. We must work to become connected to the earth and nature on a personal, family, and community level to end our dependence upon corporate food, corporate energy, corporate defense, and most difficult but key to it all, corporate money. Corporatism is, of course, just another word for or aspect of statism.

The second part is two fold: education. We must EDUCATE OURSELVES about what is going on in the world, ask the important questions "how", and "why", and be willing to be honest with ourselves, and also educate ourselves about the nature of our own consciousness and expand our conscience (knowledge of right and wrong behavior). Finally, we must speak out to everyone we know and spread the knowledge. This is the sacred "Great Work", that more people need to take up that I believe is the true solution to this problem.

"The most dangerous thing you can do is educate people. Because when people become educated, you cannot control them, you cannot frighten them. People who are educated know their own power, and don't surrender it to others." - Jordan Maxwell

>without a government people could just murder you without consequences you ok with that?

I'm more concerned about the scale of murder being perpetrated by the government and about the fact that this is being funded by taxation. Not having a government collecting money violently and waging war does not necessarily equate to no consequences for any murderers, and the implication of such indicates a retarded imagination.

Furthermore the 'end-all-be-all' consideration of what happens to oneself, without consideration for what is happening in the larger picture to masses of people, and one's role and moral duty regarding that, indicates the greed/fear based reptile brain consciousness that is the root of the problem with society.

The assertion that government is necessary for protection is borne of the deep-seated fear of facing the responsibility of providing for ourselves in a moral capacity. So much easier to outsource that task to an (ultra-abusive) big-daddy government. There is nothing more pathetic or cowardly. Statists are CHILDREN. Fucking grow up.