Government Is Slavery

Government is not necessary for roads, as evidenced by the fact that America has over 150 years of building roads and other infrastructure prior to the institution of income taxes. People who have an interest in there being a road pay for it voluntarily, imagine that. America also had an army and won wars without income taxes. Any "greatness" America had (and I would personally never attribute that term to the government at any point in history), was due to the sentiment of the revolution AGAINST the state at the beginning of the country, the understanding of money that people had then (they were far more educated generally than now, after "public" education dumbed everyone down), and the resistance of early Americans to centralized banking.

It is not my intention to classify anyone. I call it like I see it, even if that's blunt and harsh, because that's the way I want people to treat me and the things I say. I do have facts and logic as a foundation for what I say, I'm not just name calling. I provided a clear explanation and factual definitions when challenged for proof of my claim, and I will do so for anything I have said, and I stand by it.

The economy is a pyramid scam. Most people are too dumb to even question how the monetary system "works", much less take the time to understand it and research outside of their prescribed cubicle of thought. The economy will and should crash, it's not based upon sustainability, but the insanity of violence and slavery. The great lie is that we "need money to live"... we only need to re-establish our connection to earth and each other to meet our needs, corporatism is part of a control grid that separates us from the true source of sustenance: the earth, and nature. We literally are the living soil, and until we remember and honor our place therein, we will continue to be out of balance as a species.

One can only assume, you have sufficient funds to sustain your existence here on Earth, by spouting such liberal thinking.

"I call it like I see it, even if that's blunt and harsh, because that's the way I want people to treat me and the things I say."
But what if that's not how people want you or anyone else to treat them? Would you like just anyone to treat you as they want to be treated themselves?

Is it ok to say "this is what I like so I'll do the same to you," regardless of whether they like it or not?

I recognize that the corporate-monetary way of life is a control grid that siphons away large amounts of the people's wealth and productivity. Have I succeeded in escaping it? Only to a degree, but to a far larger degree than most other people. I recognize that fundamentally the only moral option is to boycott usage of USD as much as possible, and any business even participating in that economy. However, I don't advocate that people disintegrate their life by attempting the kind of radical alterations necessary to truly live morally in right livelihood, but to recognize the necessity to move in that direction as much as possible, and realize that the reason we participate in the system to the extent we do is because we are trapped in it, not because it deserves in any way to be glorified or even approved of. We must call on all of our imagination, determination, and even suffer austerity if need be, as much as we can, while still being able to live and provide for the children etc.

I recognize that the system is by design a "compromise your morality or die" system. I'm not deluding myself about that, and doing what I can to rebel on this plantation, and that's what I'm asking of others.

Speaking my mind is not "doing something" to anyone else that I would not absolutely have them "do to me". I believe in the golden rule. If someone is offended by me speaking my mind, then they are free to tune out. If I see someone make a comment that is imbecilic, I'm going to call it as such. I would hope people do the same for me, thank you very much.

My conscience tells me the EXACT OPPOSITE.... considering the scale of violence and injustice, the bombs being dropped daily, the people rotting in cages, the unbelievably brutal carnage and rape of the people of earth by the state, the insanity of the robbery that is the Federal Reserve "System". It's like I live in a world of blind and helpless worms incapable of seeing, much less considering anything going on around them.

Of course speaking is doing. If you are free to offend the way you decide, then they are free to offend the way they decide.
The problem is how you apply the golden rule. If your name was John, would you call others John because that's how you would like them to call you? No, you would call them by their name. If you prefer A, it doesn't mean you have a right to force A to others. If you prefer being punched when you speak nonsense, it doesn't mean you have a right to punch others when (you think) they are speaking nonsense.
You are welcome.

You're comparing punching someone (violating their person and thus their property), with typing words on a forum, which does them no harm. I'm not cool with people punching me, so I wouldn't do that. I am cool with people telling me what they truly think and believe, so I will do that. Make sense?

I'm not forcing anything on anybody, so I fail to see that you have made any valid point. Maybe think it through a little better?

I think you need therapy. Just words typed on a forum.