Government Is Slavery


Voting is therefore an act of VIOLENCE. If you vote (consent and submit to a false claim of authority by obvious mass-murdering psychopaths running a 'legal' extortion racket), support taxation, or participate in government in any way, you are severely morally and/or intellectually deficient.

I am supremely exasperated that less than one in one thousand people can grok this.

The entire world thus appears like a madhouse of stupidity to me, and where I appear to be just as stupid to it.

That is all.

What proof do you have that taxation is theft?

The real kicker is that the US government is just a contract between the signers, there is no legal reason that this contract should still be legally binding. (Actually by stating that this contract is enforceable to future generations is slavery.) Other forms of government still have the same problem: forcing others to obey is the only function of government.

Proof? It's an obvious and empirical fact, based on the definitions of "theft" and "taxation", and clear logic.

"Theft", by definition, is forcefully taking or violating the property of another person, against that person's will, including use of threat and/or deception (fraud).

Thus if taxation is the use of force or threats to confiscate revenues from people who rightfully earned it, or otherwise rightfully acquired it (not stolen), then by definition, taxation is theft, and more specifically, extortion.

Arguing that rightful income is not truly one's own property, or that private property doesn't exist at all is schizophrenic in that it is arguing against the very principle of freedom (and therefore right to life) itself, but people typically have no understanding of the direct connection between property rights and freedom and right to life, or that these are simply different ways of saying the same thing.

Without the principle of property rights, you'll have no right or claim of ownership of your body itself, or sovereign control over who is allowed to sleep in your bed and eat your food.

The resources and authors listed on my site explore these ideas in thorough detail:

I highly recommend anyone wishing to embark upon this subject become familiar with them.

Regarding your point about the contract... I of course agree. I am reminded of a quote I have on my site:

"...the American government you see today is exactly what its designers wanted when they designed it, and the excuses given by American "patriots" not to burn it to the ground today are the same weak excuses they gave at every stage of its development since 1787. The Constitution of the United States of America was and is a document of enslavement intended to fool the weak minded while pacifying those who possess the moral fortitude and intelligence to stand up to tyranny." - Sedition, Subversion and Sabotage Field Manual No. 1 (

Taxes are necessary to fund a civilised government and defence measures against those who would do harm to us. The system has made America great.

Typical sentiment of the common dolt and coward, demonstrating complete ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills.

Taxation is VIOLENCE. If you think VIOLENCE is necessary for "civilization", you have been brainwashed to an absurd level, and you can't even see it.

Defense is a matter of personal responsibility that should be handled through voluntary cooperation and organization. That you think VIOLENCE is necessary to provide for this or any other human requirements or desires is proof that your imagination has been deadened. Assuming you weren't employing sarcasm that is ;)

You cannot reason with the despots of this world. Not much cooperating from your good self, categorising me as a dolt and coward.

No taxation, no representation, no government, no US army, no electric grid, no roads, US economy goes down the toilet. Actually yes I support that.

A non US resident.

Please do not bring logic into the rant from xoch., erik.