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How can you be sure the plan I outlined is actually the one I plan to go with? You can't.


Sorry @bunyip . The moon chamber is immune to all your attacks. You see, it is made with Megalathovainian security from Andromeda that I happened to find when I was looking at how someone's phone on Earth was getting destroyed by a tiny beam from Andromeda.

@A_0123456 "The moon chamber is immune to all your attacks"

The French said that about the Maginot Line.

Well you know very well that Megalathovainian armor is impenetrable (density of 5000000 g/cm^3). Plus, some Megalathovainians from Andromeda guard it. Plus, I have some Alien allies from Kepler 186f and Trappist-1d along with others from different galaxies that can help me. Do you have that? No. All aliens hate you @bunyip

To be fair, the Maginot line was never broken. It was merely proven to be a mathematically inaccurate name-- the Maginot line segment or the Maginot Ray would have been better designations.
Also, hatred has nothing to do with allegiances. Saladin and Richard the Lionhearted were on better social terms during the Third Crusade than Travis and Bowie prior to the Alamo.

Or the Maginot sieve.

Saladin and Richard Coeur de Lion both knew bloody well that the crusades had zero to do with The One True Religion;it was all about being boss of the trade routes.They went to war on the advice of economists.

dammit! He’s on to the illuminateconomists!

Das Maginot line!!!?????
Nicht machen mich das lachen Ja???

Q--What is the best way to open a boiling pressure-cooker in Kathmandu ?

A--Get somebody else to do it.