General chat .

This ain't a general chat. Chat for the insane, can't understand a thing. Strange men trying to supersudoku and sell you suns for $5. Intense vocabulary.

Too late mate..I already sold it to him,along with the Jupiter option.I reckon he'd buy the MCG if the price was right,though.

@bunyip I think you got fooled by my fake model and stole it, thinking it was the real deal. Nice try...

@bunyip Well you will have to come to the coordinates on my profile to find my moon. Once you arrive there, you will have to go past my security chamber which is impossible to pass through except for me. Then, you will have to pass through another 50 security measures to reach the moon. And even then, you will have to pass through even more on the way out.

@bunyip And by the way, one of the security measures is to beat stockfish max power with 1. e4 e5 2. Ba6 (and you play as white) Only I can bypass that with my 4d retina scanner.


My greatest asset as I battled my way through life was my extensive capacity for lateral thinking. I have already lateralised a plan to beat your woefully inadequate "security" measures...I will arrive @ the co-ordinates driving a really large bulldozer. The stockfish can be scrambled using my simple home-made electro-magnetic chess engine scrambler.
The Moon will be MINE !!!
(only until I sell it to Noob)

@bunyip Sadly for you, I am already prepared for your attack. My defenses are too good. And you telling me your attack plan had only let me be more prepared.