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Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine March 1967 miscellaneous adverts.

"Microwaves-Do they affect plant growth,buildings,fences or people? Anxious to hear from researchers. Eugene Reynolds, 333 West Patterson, Roadhouse, Illinois 62082."

hiya, can anyone answer some questions about the site for me? I have lots of questions and can't find out much info so far.

thanks i find it hard to find any chat here :) so lucky this popped up in notifications

I penned the following on "the war," but the initial post was deleted. However, I feel that it is necessary for me to post it somewhere, and it doesn't fit my ramblings page. So, here goes:

A chronicle of the great off-topic war (authored by clousems, witness)
Near the eve of the new year, two renowned forum-posters, @mate_on_f7 and the mighty @bunyip, did decide to do battle over the fair off-topic forum. 'Twas bunyip who struck the first blow, when he did proclaim "Thou lily-livered son of a nincompoop hamster! Thou hath defiled the off-topic section with divers ON-topic postings! May a dingo dog eat you!" But mf7 was made of sterner stuff than many, and he did decide to strike back "Check thee, good sir!" he replied with great spirit. Then the great clousems, who totally has abs like Jean Claude Van Damme, did mark the ongoing melee, and merrily and in jest proceeded to encourage the combatants onward. "Prithee, take care with thy zingers and thy checks. oh forum fighters!" he did proclaim, and then proceeded to write a list of divers suggestions for the two combatants.
IDK why I decided to write it in Malorian style

Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine March 1967..adverts section.

"English speaking Swedish / German girls seek penfriends / husbands. Photoalbum(sic) $5.00;prospectus free!-COSMOCLUB "SILVERTHISTLE" Hamburg 72/SF Germany."

nothing new under the sun lol

Prithee good sire mayst I humbly offer for your erstwhile consideration one, or maybe two, no doubt ( in your esteemed estimation ) piffling trifles in regard to your missive of the recent inst.; dingos are not actually dogs: Claude van Damme is,in truth,a chap of small stature,thereby rendering his abs-size insignificant when compared to,say, Andre the Giant.
I remain yrs to command..