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Did anyone else see that monumental Bloomfield Blooper during the Dems debate?
To quote as accurately as I can but retain the intent.."You see Nancy Pelosi and the forty Democrats in the House keeping Trump under control?. I BOUGHT (pause)..I helped to do that.."
This is not a party-political comment..more like a generic covering all politics and politicians.

Well, Summer's almost gone; Winter's comin' on..

re-reading a 1960 short story I saw this.."steak for a day or soup for a week" . Is this a variation of the glass half full idea?
In the sense that you use yr resources now,cause everything will work out fine tomorrow.

The following anecdote is entirely true story:

way back in the day,when I was 11 yrs old,I wondered one day if chess could be played legitimately using a random draw set-up.The first try involved totally random,with all pieces set randomly,and black and white having their own different set-up.This was a shambles of the first order.Second was the same totally random set for each side.It became apparent that mixing the pawns in with everything else could result in checkmate before anyone even got to move.This was summarily discarded.Next was different set-up for each side,but with pawns remaining in the front ranks.A bit better. Finally came the set-up known today as Fischer 960, and that worked ok,but ,as with automobiles and personal computers,it was obvious it would never take on.

I am seeking offers of pro-bono legal help to investigate the possibility of forcing a name change to "obladie 960 ".

(that last bit is not part of the anecdote,and so lays no claim to veracity)

Just got back from a lovely cruise to NZ on an incredibly large ocean liner.
Saw lots of stuff..geysers,dolphins,boiling mud..but no coronaviruses.
Found out this morning there is a case of it verified at a medical centre about 5 miles from my place.

So there ya go.

As requested, here is my recent evil essay:
How to identify true evil:

If movies, literature, and various religions are to be believed, evil surrounds us at all times. I'm not sure why we, as a society, insist on shaming evil, but I have discovered a method of identification of badness, based off of a mathematical theorem I devised, the Evil Villain Identification Lemma (or EVIL, for short):
Evil Quotient = Moral Questionability * Good Fashion Choices^2, or, in shorthand notation, E=MC^2 (complete coincidence)

You may be thinking to yourselves "why does fashion have more to do with determining one's existential status than Moral Questionability?" Hear me out on this. When was the last time a guy wearing stripes with plaid tried to kill James Bond? Exactly never. What about the last time you saw a fascist special policeman wearing sweatpants to work? Also never. Clearly, villains are blessed with an impeccable sense of fashion.

Taking the first derivative of the Evil quotient gives us:
From this, we determine that anyone with positive fashion choices must be positively evil in the first degree.