free internet is a nuisance and helps criminals

1) if a website makes you pay, there will far fewer trolls
2) 5 cents for an e-mail (paid eg to the red cross) is cheap for a (business) letter or any message but would effectively stop spams

want more exemples

so, must lichess really be necessarily free?


my cheque to to sum of twenty(20) cents is despatched forthwith.

so you are a small timer; if you want to go into the phishing business you'llhave to invest a little more

This post is a troll post? Go to another website. There are plenty websites where you can pay and "be happy".

Do you need help to find them? Or what is the point of your post, I really can't understand.

Paying for texting would send us back to the late 90s.
Why you may ask?

We have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy free content in the internet. If we would have to pay for helping others or sharing our opinion on certain matter, we would go a HUGE step in the wrong direction. What would come next? 1 pound per tactical exercise? 2 pounds per game?

I agree there are a lot of wallies, but you do best by ignoring them.

nothing on the internet is "free". You pay money, or you pay with your data or you pay with inconveniency (ads). The more unwanted stuff you get on your screen, the greater the danger of an expensive misclick or malware

sorry, lichess is not free.It cannot or doesn't really want to stop people to cheat you or simply to steal you time