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  3. Floyd Mayweather VS Conor Mcgregor

The Mega Fight on August 26. Who would win?

Conor McGregor by KO.

Conor will end up getting disqualified by kicking.

What, in your opinion, will he be kicking? Is that a. none of the above, b. yo mama, c. the can or d. the bucket? You have 7243981 aeons to answer the question and not a single aeon more. We need to draw the line somewhere after all.


Primary Prediction: Mayweather wins by KO in the 6th round.

Secondary Prediction: Mayweather wins by decision after the fight goes the distance

Notes: I'm a huge MMA fan (have been since the early 90s before it became mainstream) but I judge fight outcomes on objectivity, not subjectivity.

Unthinkabl3's prediction seems about right, although I think a TKO is slightly more likely. However, I do think there is a chance McGregor will get DQ'ed.

A superior MMA/boxing crossover would be Tank Abbott vs. Butterbean. I would pay more to watch that. I guess what I'm saying is, I'd rather watch middle-aged fat guys in a bar fight.

As an ex-boxing Journalist I can tell you that there is only one outcome to this fight. Mayweather wins easily. Mayweather is the best defensive boxer in the last 40 years. McGregor won't be able to hit him. Mayweather schooled so many great fighters and McGregor only has a bit of amateur experience. It will be a completely one-sided fight.

The only question is how many rounds McGregor lasts. I expect he'll only last 6 or 7 rounds. I expect he will be gassed after 3 rounds. And then due to tiredness his hands will drop and Mayweather will hit him with that fast straight right at will. Maybe the ref will stop it, maybe the corner, maybe McGregor will die on his sword, but McGregor is almost certainly going to get stopped.

Possibility that the entire fight is fake/scripted. Promoter executed hours after spilling the beans...

McGregor lost and proved one thing he has a big mouth