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  3. David Icke - Truth talker, paranoid schizophrenic or conman?

I don't expect any of you to watch all 9 hours of that but if you don't know David Icke is an ex football player turned conspiracy theorist. Everyone laughed at him in the early 90s because he professed himself as the son of God. But he has actually predicted a lot of stuff that's happened since then.

A lot of the things he says I can dig, for example how a small percentage of the population control the world's finances and that 9/11 was an inside job... but then he has to go and ruin it all by saying we live in the matrix and that the Queen is a reptile in disguise.

If someone truly believes that should they not be in a mental hospital along with the people who pay to see him? Either he's a genius or a nutcase. I'm not sure which yet..

Lol. His ideas are mundane and easily refuted.

He doesn't think they're just ideas though. He thinks of them as fact. He actually believes that the Queen is a reptile. He also thinks the moon is an alien spaceship and saturn isn't what you think it is. The weird thing is he is now selling out stadiums like wembley so there is obviously a market for thousands of people that believe what he says.

I've just thought of a better idea for this topic. I'll make a new thread and we can all discuss what's really going on in the world.

We're born into conditioned minds, everything you know is a lie.

Their are lot's of nutters in the world.
He is preaching to the asylum.

Quite. He acts and talks just like some girls a go visit in there sometimes. We talk through armoured glass, well, it's more a kind of rudimentary sign language really, as they suffer from everything listed in DSM-5.

Maybe he just snapped in the past when he found out about the fact that ... THE FRIGGING MOON IS ONLY JUST A GOOEY BALL MADE OF GREEN CHEEESE!!!

I thought everybody knew that!!! WTF???

Apparently not, my friend! And they called me crazy when I told my friends that Earth is as flat as a pancake, even when the proofs for that are countless! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!, lol.

The thing I don't get with the flat earth people is why it matters? What are they gaining from telling us the world is round? The world could be a square and It wouldn't really bother me tbh.

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