Creation vs. Atheism

Last time anybody with any serious interest in any subject that is remotely associated with reality, understands that the 'big bang' is not the answer to anything. Unfortunately, that's what religious idiots impress upon every conversation, including this one. There is no space for intellectual thought in these conversations because they speak to the converted, including themselves. Kevin Hovind 'should' be in jail right now - but not for tax evasion. Kevin Hovind should be in jail for the crime of lying and that it isn't a crime.

@angrymonkey your name fits you well. You can believe your foolishness all you want but evolutionists have no ground. I don't have enough faith to believe in evolution, the big bang and many other crazy shenanigans these humanists come up with, sorry bud

You eat bananas my idiot friend. Wrap your tiny mind around that sublime fact.

Why is that the special people among us who claim to speak to 'gods' are the most perverse, corrupt, evil people who ever existed?

@sethtristan said:
> if i had a puzzle ad put it in a box and shock it up would the puzzle ever get made????

I suppose by "shock it up" you mean "shook it up", but apart from not understanding grammar you just confessed that you don't understand physics either. Just because something doesn't work like your everyday experience suggests that doesn't mean that it does not exist at all or it does work differently than science says it does.

For example: do you believe in the sun? And how it works? Or is it rather a ball of coals burning, like in the oven you have at home? In case you "believe" in the process of Hydrogen atoms crashing together and creating Helium, which is the usual explanation of why the sun "burns": the temperature of the sun (even the roughly 15 million degrees which it has supposedly in its core) wouldn't be enough for such a crash to happen oftenly. The only reason why it still happens (and in quantities large enough to account for the amount of energy the sun emanates) is that particles do not work like everyday objects like balls. They adhere to something called the "uncertainty principle" where the location of a particle is fixed only to some extent - they are "simultaneously at the several places". And sometimes they are near enough that this crash happens even without the temperature being high enough.

Now do you "believe" in the uncertainty principle and thus how the sun works - think of it, a football also cannot be in several places at the same time - or is the sun rather a bunch of burning coals, because "everyday experience" suggests this?

Are bats really birds, like your bronze-age drivel says they are? And are whales really fish? After all, this is the inspired word of "god" and who would know better if a whale is a mammal: god or some biologist?

Just in case the bible is the source of all wisdom, please answer me the following serious question: i have a neighbor who i oftenly see leaving the house in uniform on friday evenings. He is a driver for the local tramway. In doing so he surely violates the sabbath laws, no? But the bible (KJV, Numbers 15, 32-36) says the "whole congregation" should come together and stone him. Now my question: since i live in a big city, where it is difficult to have all come together for the stoning, would it suffice if i gather some brethren and we kill the guy off? Like just a private event, doing the will of the lord? What do you think?