"People die other ways" is not sound logic nor a good strategy.

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"People die other ways"

Sorry I look at life around me not from the internet

Saying "oh well their economy will be significantly ruined" [sic] when talking about the US is like saying "Oh, fiddlesticks, the nuclear holocaust is coming."

I only mention this because the cause of not taking a potential disaster seriously was the basis of your claim.

I was being facetious @clousems. It's not going to go well for anyone. My stocks that I haven't sold (which are doing relatively well) are down 40%. People are acting like the government is deliberately destroying the economy over a trivial matter, and it would be laughable if it wasn't so depressing (why they would have such a goal is beyond me).

Also you can just scroll back and read the predictions of @Kusokosla:

Him: #18 "No. You will NOT get sick. Only if you are over 80 years old and very very ill already THEN you will get sick. "

Reality: Adults between 20 and 54 make up almost two-fifths of the people being hospitalized in the U.S. with the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Twenty percent are under 44.

Him: #20 (10 days ago) "In about 2 weeks people will get tired of wearing masks, will get bored, and go back to talking about other fake news like some NBA player dying or some other irrelevant nonsense that TV tells them to worry about."

Reality: Widespread shutdowns, quarantines, and 237 dead in the US. 18839 reported cases as of now (yes, that's right, up 2350 from 4 hours ago).

On an unrelated note, it's crazy how many sock-puppet troll accounts are run by the same person on these forums.


Again, Being fat killed a million people last year alone. Nobody is wearing a mask to prevent food from going in their mouth, and staying home in order not to go into a restaurant and get even more fat.

H1N1 infected 60 million Americans and killed 12’000, nobody wore a mask, nobody shut anything down.

This is a stupid over-reaction, and you are very scared naive and weak people. You should be stronger than this. Stop buying into the fear they sell you on TV.

The young who are in hospital are either being drama queens, or have pre-existing conditions or have immune system compromise. A healthy young person or adult is NOT in danger, regular Aspirin or a car accident is FAR more likely to kill such a person than Corona. And yet we drive and take Aspirin. Stop living in fear!!

This is how you probably play chess too, scared :) No gambits, I bet... Afraid to lose? Don’t be! Live life to the fullest. Be smart obviously, make your immune system strong, take care of the weak, but don’t be scared or listen to propaganda fear mongering media.