Worldwide a lot of people die every day (more than corna can kill per year).
But fear Mongering governments and people are willing to wreck economies and create extreme hardships.
So you have a runny nose it happens.

True only one mistake watch or read nonsense in the forums

The total mortality rate in Italy in 2019 was less than 8 per 1000, SARS-COV kills more than 35 per 1000,that is disaster, undoubted. And The "economic wrecking" was predicted long before, corona is Just a small stone brought down a great avаlanche

@MrGood8 are you joking? there are otherwise healthy 20 year olds on respirators in critical condition from the coronavirus, stop spreading nonsense misinformation

@swin so SARS-COV was a disaster, with its 774 kills, yet COVID-19 isn't a disaster with its 11179 kills? with more than SARS-COV total kills every day for the last 3 days?

@MrGood8 congratulations, that sort of lack of common sense is what people have been using since this began.

'oh, noone outside china has it, so it's no big deal, just a bunch of nonsense. oh noone in america has it, so what it's in 5 other countries, no big deal, just a bunch of nonsense. oh, noone in my state has it, so what 5000 people in the US got it yesterday, no big deal.' cya in a week bud.

For the record, 7 of my friends and colleagues have the coronavirus right now, and my office building is closed down. Those 16489 cases in the USA correspond to people with worried families, and worried friends.


"And of course USA already found a drug that kills Corona"

What drug would that be?

That is a Lie where did you come up with 16489.
Even if this was true just talking to lay people will not fix any thing

onlyplaytired, sorry, I made a mistake mixing these 2 viruses Of course Imeant COVID19