@obladie huh, you naming it pandemic ) it is very far to pandemic. no matter how old you are, you can't tell us about the plague, and you talk about the coronavirus like it's a terrible disease and you don't understand the scale of the pandemic at all.

It has literally been classified as a pandemic, are you arguing that it is not a pandemic @Faisistent? Otherwise I can't interpret the setnence "huh, you naming it pandemic ) it is very far to pandemic"

Don't ping me again ..I have no interest in anything you have to say.

huh, formally, this may be a pandemic, but in my opinion you are like the Americans alarmists, you do not have the determination to look at it calmly, scientists are already developing a means to endure seven months, alarmists. @onlyplaytired calm down homie !

rampant, affecting a significant part of the entire population, 0.01 % of cases are not exactly a pandemic .300 thousand in the world is also not enough for a pandemic, it's not even 1 %.

@Faisistent Do you not understand that there is a timeline here? You can't make a value judgement on the severity based on it's current position, in isolation from the expected outcome. If the number of cases is growing exponentially with time, then it's worrying, no?

We've already had measures in place all over the world for days, and you're saying "Oh it's no big deal, it's just 300000 people"

It was 109,991 on the 8th of March, it was 218,822 on the 18th of March, it was 305,036 on the 21st of March, it will hit 400,000 by the 25th of March. When it hits 1,000,000 will it seem severe to you @Faisistent?

I actually came here to urge everyone not to panic, but you made me stay here and prove that this is more of an economic problem.

I am not panicking by any means. But you're not urging people not to panic, you're suggesting that this isn't serious at all. This is serious, take it seriously and you'll be completely fine. This is not a doomsday event, but people need to react to it appropriately.