@Faisistent As I mentioned before, 7 of my friends and colleagues have the Coronavirus, so it's not like I'm unaffected by it. Could you elaborate? Who exactly is profiting, and how do they have the power to cause the Coronavirus to spread rapidly?

Also Luxembourg has 875 cases, whereas Australia has 1895 cases? What do you mean by "You do not get the virus at all"?

The whole point of locking everything down (which hurts the economy) is to STOP the number of deaths going up to the levels we saw in the Spanish flu. The fact that we are much better educated is precisely WHY we are taking these 'extreme' measures that are hurting the economy. You can't have it both ways!

"This isn't killing as many people as the Spanish flu, so we shouldn't be taking extreme measures, they hurt the economy"

"Oh wow, this is killing everyone, why didn't we take extreme measures. Oh well, at least we didn't have to deal with lock downs, and travel restrictions!"

My point is, the measures seem extreme precisely because they have been effective. If the measures weren't taken, then the numbers would be massive, and it would be obvious that in the future such measures should be taken. Fortunately we have history to look back on, so we can see that this is necessary without an additional failure. If it was better contained at the very start, we wouldn't even be in this situation.

over country is small you can go to the another part of your country, while I can't go even countries nearby .And on your 26 millions 1895 people is small part we have 650 thousand people. Luxembourg ill 0.13 procents in Australia 0.01 procent @onlyplaytired

the European Union has allocated 230 million euros to fight the coronavirus, so GDP will fall.

2,5 thousand sites they exploit the theme of coronavirus and offer supposedly means for treatment.

it is also good for delivery services, because people can't go outdoor

and made thing, in the USA you can get money for news, they doing panic and can get money.

There are enough ways to get rich from this in the world

I'm Australian..i'm the oldest person shut up and listen...anyone who thinks this is some kind of joke/conspiracy is the kind of sociopath who would walk around the place ignoring Government Health chiefs' strong advice,and the regulations which follow,thus almost certainly ending up killing others.
This response to a pandemic is unprecedented.There are excellent reasons why every nation in the world has shut it's doors.
Stop quoting statistically meaningless numbers as justification for endangering those around you. Australians have totally accepted seemingly draconian restrictions placed on us because we know it has to be done,and if we thought it was all bullshit we would be all out and about,but we aren't.
Trust Australia...we got the world's finest BS detector as a genetic factor,and it's silent this time.