GM Jan Gustafsson says he's not afraid of the Coronavirus. Are you? How serious is it exactly?

It's not serious from a math perspective, but google 1917 Spanish Flu and you will see how bad it *could* get. VERY unlikely that happens today. We are much better at quarantining today. Back in 1917 we would think many of those people were stupid, but they just didn't know. I understand the hysteria, but I think it's under control. No need to panic. As for the Stock Market, eh, it's run by computer models and this is a way for them to make a big score.

"We are much better at quarantining today." - We are also much MUCH better at travelling the world very rapidly (apparently it took 5 days to get from London to New York; 3.5 months to travel from London to Australia), and connecting with many many more people. There were also only 1.9 billion people in 1917, and now there are over 7.75 billion.

More than 20 milliion deaths in 2017-less than 5 thosands deaths in 2020-how can this be compared? Someone benefits from this hype, IMHO.

@swin I would tend to agree with you. There is a massively disproportionate amount of media coverage of this virus, which is fairly small as far as history is concerned. We're arguably doing more damage (here in the US) by spreading hysteria than the virus itself.

mheadly,Hysteria is very accurate definition. In Russia, no better. "It is about to begin, and we aren't ready! We all Will die!" - and so every Day for 24 hrs

Admittedly, if it were not for the excessive response to the threat, the numbers would be much much higher. Imagine if there wasn't such an intense response in China?

It's not like cov has been around for that long either. 2-3% of those infected died (and that's with bad medical care relative to today) from the Spanish flu. Cov is killing around 3.5% of people infected right now.

Are u sure that mortality from The Spanish flu was 2-3% only? Accurate data from Africa, Asia and even from Russia and Poland was not and could not be

Disregard the statistics for now. Depending on your health it can be misleading.

Corona virus is not deadly for the majority of the people in the world. Most of the world's population could get sick and only feel similar to a flu or a influenza.

But for people like for example the elderly, babies or small children, or people with diabetes, kidney or lung problems, this virus is very dangerous, and have a high fatality rate. (Of those 3-4% casualties, most of them are old or already have some health problems)

For these people, it is a terrifying and potentially deadly virus. And for this group of people the death statistics is higher than the 3-4% shown in the statistics. (This group of people count for the majority of the casualties)