Conspiracy theories

Putin sold the golden showers video to Erdogan. The Kurds refused to help get it back. The Saudis sent Kashoggi on a secret mission for it. Kashoggi has not really been killed and dismembered with a bone saw. He is posing as a Uighur in a Chinese detention center and Xi has agreed to deport him to Istanbul, where the video is locked in a safe at Trump Tower Bosporus. Guilianni is only pretending to be insane, in order to get into a Russian mental hospital, to contact the woman in the video, who in fact is Amelia Earhart, who survived a crash on a Pacific island where she has maintained her youth on a diet of coconut juice and squid. Jimmy Carter is head of the deep state. His fall and broken pelvis have been faked, so that he can fly to Hong Kong and promote the fortunes of NBA stars, as requested by Lebron James.

Is this what you meant by we can write anything we want?

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