I don't know if this belongs to Off-Topic or not, but I put it here because I don't know if it's a general problem or just this game. The fact is that although I try to concentrate I don't stop making mistakes and distract myself, do you know techniques to concentrate? Should i meditate?

@Mistydoom my life is full of drugs, insomnia, nerves, poor nutritio, etc, I don't know how to play chess without fugging real life bother me

Drink a bottle of O.P. rum in less than 5 mins.
This will rid you of your insomnia.Whilst you are comatose,your drug dependency will be suspended.
Upon regaining consciousness,repeat procedure.
Under normal circumstances this therapy regime should solve all your problems in about a week.

I think it's simple training of our brain what we not often do.
Most of us are not used to stay focused on one thing for more then 30 seconds or even a game of 1hour.
Today you get so much influences every minute that the brain get nervous when it isn't feed with input/deflection.
As an example: When I switched to WhatsApp after a few month it became normal to get 30 messages a day, then more then 50 - for me was it a lot of stress.
I'm the only guy I know from my field who had WhatsApp and switched of again. After 6 month non stop none sense massages every day, every hour, I kicked of WhatsApp - The reaction of my brain was amazing. After the stress in the beginning of WhatsApp I had extreme boring feeling - the day felt so empty. My brain got used to the influences an some kind like addicted to that.
Try it out! Play bullet for 1 week - then switch only to a rapid tournament - it doesn't have to be classic - your brain will have problems to accept the slow, calm, quiet modus.
This is in all our life the case.
I have friends they can't chill with me in my garden because they need so much input all the time: Just chill and watch what nature is doing - a strange bird, a mouse, the sound of the wind trough the trees, the blue sky, the warm sun on the skin, the bigger grown vegetable then last time, a bird shouting from far, the changing light on the big trees in the background, the wood which begins to burn stronger and wilder in the grill, the moon coming out behind the dark clouds in the night, the changing of the background sound from the highway and the river not far away.... I think many people have already problems to read that long sentence without getting some kind of nervous. ;)
We have to work hard, to get more able to make less.
It's not anymore easy for us just to enjoy, or to stay on one thing, we are chunkys of getting more and more always faster and more easy.
But we need the balance between fast and slow, between hungry and oversaturated, it's the balance like they call it Ying and Yang - ohmmmm :)
We have a lot to much, to fast, to non stop, so we have to learn to feel how good the opposite is for your system.

Maybe just try little things, like to sit in the Subway without using your cellphone. Maybe reading a book and not feel like you miss something outside of the window. Or just play 5 minutes focused then shake your body, bread deep and start again to try stay focus an a few moves without to think something different.
Or you try a breading/meditating technic - but it's hard in the beginning.
You close your eyes and bread slow and deep. (doesn't matter if you sit or stand, for the beginning it's just about your concentration)
You bread in (deep down in your lower stomach) and all it is about is to concentrate on the sound of your breath! - then when you bread out (also slow and deep - you also do nothing else then listening on the sound of your breath) you count 1 just in the mind.
Then you bread in and out like I explained it - count 2 ..... 3 ..... 4
This exercise it's all about relax your brain and learn to focus only on one thing.
If you are able to count like this till 10 without thinking of anything then your breath sound and the number counting - you reached something like NM or IM, it's so hard ;)
If your concentration slips away to any thoughts (a sound in the back, a queen blunder from yesterday, some thoughts of tomorrow) just try to lead your thinking calm and relaxed back to the breath and counting and try to continue.
I promise you feel good after you try this and become soon better - also in staying focused on something longer like a 15+15 game.
Wish you good luck!

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