Can Carlsen beat Stockfish 10?

The computer vs the human. Put a chess engine on a 386 / 16 MHz computer and then try to win that computer.

The masters are playing against engines on steroids. Put those nice engines back into older computers and see if a master can win those engines. Discover the minimum requirements for the engines and test them on the minimum, not when they are on steroids with their maximum number of CPU's and RAM that they can handle. Overload anything and it will break. That's not competition. That's only showing the breaking point.

So the point of competition, needs to be measured by the minimum hardware (minimum system requirements), not by the maximum numbers of CPU's or hardware.

If you really want to compare engine software vs humans, set the software up on the minimum number of CPU's it requires to function correctly. The rest can be considered steroids.

If you put the AI engine on hardware steroids, it will win. If you put an athlete on steroids, they should win others that are not.

The real chess fight is in seeing where the advantage is. If engines cannot see a fortress, then they win games by hardware speed, not by other means. Take them off steroids to see if they can solve a fortress. All avenues of a chess game must be conquered before it can be claimed as solved. How deep does a human need to see to understand that they are facing a chess fortress ?

Another simpler solution would be to use present day computers, but test the engine software by depth. Can a master win a chess engine if those engines are stopped from looking beyond 18 deep?

Acceptable engine performance, is set at what engine depth ?

What is the minimum depth an engine must be set at, so the engine can always win a master with a rating of 2200 ? (Not 2400)...

For a fair human vs engine match, the clock should only be present for the engine, the human should be allowed as many takebacks as he wants. If the human is able to win one game, it should be said that the human has conquered the engine at that time control.

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