Calling all Math Fans!

Quote: "See if you can solve it without watching, and then check if you're right!"

What are we supposed to solve, without watching, if you don't post the problem?

Lol, you guys and your traditional mathematics, always looking for the correct answer.
Just reduce the confidence levels and say a random number.

I skimmed thru this post, but were some olds just hating on my boy mathematics?

#7 Random numbers and confidence levels don't prevent unique answer type of problems at the level of probability densities and distributions. Just different objects being considered.

Then there are set valued "functions", differential inequalities, and then again, we change scope of objects and look for theorems that give convergence, or uniqueness of solutions (or not, but then we seek the correct conditions for the "not", upper-bounds, lower-bounds).

But i get you input. it might be, look at a fuzzy version of your problem. still math. all the time.... or i missed something.

The op should explain how not to look at the solution. I have not dared looking at the video, and would actually prefer the problem to be in written form as well, but i assume you mean to pause the video at a given time?