@Faisistent The off topic forum would dry out like the Atacama desert if we didn't have bunyip here to give us Somthing to work with.

wrt 13: Taylor Swift was right: Haters ARE gonna hate!

Ms. Swift is a very wise woman clouse.
We all should be heeding her words.

@sikkemur3 I see you've cleaned up your act a bit must of been that first warning.

You may find these forums more enjoyable if you choose to approach manners in a classier way. Lichess is watching you. Just ask @vertonghen he will explain the possible consequences.

Bunyip is my favorite lichess forum user. Did he quit lichess? ):


Just give me a decade or two, I'll figure it out.
Fluffy bunnies and rainbows to you.

By the way, I don't hate Bunyip at all of course.
I won't even bother explaining it further.
Sorry Bunyip, so so so so so sorry.
Thank you.