Around, around the world we go.

You must go around the world with proof of a flag on your user profile.
It starts in Canada, because my profile says Canada.

The rules per post are simple: "Say something simple in your language" Translater it in english, thanks...

1) The next post must be a country that borders by land; or
2) Shares maritime borders;
3) We must have completed at least one tour of the globe; &
4) It ends when it reaches Canada.

Here we go ... example of a search: Greenland shares maritime borders with ... Canada, Iceland, and Norway.

French " à bientôt "
English " see you soon "

You try to ruin everyone's threads. I know who you are from another chess site.

People, the flag is the point of reference. From the last post the next person that could post a hello message would have to be next to that County. Like Canada shares borders with USA and maritime borders with Greenland. So say someone on Greenland would post a message before USA so .... then from Greenland there is Iceland or Norway. So example Norway could be the next person posting their flag. From Norway there are lots of possible responses, from Sweden, Finland, Russia, United Kingdom, Iceland, and Denmark.
One of them would then post a hello and the game would continue. Your country borders other countries and may have maritime borders so any of them could have continued.
Get it, good. If not don't post anything and just enjoy the posts.

Australia does not border another country, but it does have neighboring countries. That will do too.

The next link shows borders for this country

So if it had started in India, the ones that could have posted are listed in that link under Land border countries or Maritime Border countries.

Someone start the game .... and lets give it another try ....