Are you a community or school chess teacher?

Hi, I run a club for a bunch of kids aged 7-17 and I would like them to have people their own age/standard to play against in a team battle.
Also if anyone has any tips on keeping them interested in chess during lockdown I would love to hear them.

Yeah thanks already on it- was really impressed with how quickly my Class Teacher approval came through :) honestly LiChess has been fantastic these past 2 weeks.

I didn't know if it belonged in chess as it's not about my game, I suppose. Might try there later :)

Well, it's a chess related subjects. So why shouldn't it? Besides, I seen a lot of posts recently regarding chess schools going online, so it is possible you can find and share serious information there, and find a rival school. Your not the only teacher in your position.

Now I don't know how Lichess operate/monitor online chess schools. But keep an eye out for your students chat logs. Mostly to protect the young students from online harassments.
But also regarding spam, cheat and so forth.

For example, if one of your students were caught cheating or saying something inappropriate online, you as the teacher would want to know.

Thanks for the heads-up: all the under-16s are on "kid mode" accounts- can't send or receive messages outside "class". Great feature imo.

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