Are there any Chinese talking people here in liches?

nǐ men wèi shén me xiě le " kǒng zǐ shuō … tā yǒu yì si xué hàn yǔ?

你们喜欢看 Fiona 的电影吗
nǐ men xǐ huan kàn Fiona de diàn yǐng ma ?

kongzi shuo...
What did Konfuzius or Aristoteles or Mohammed or Jesus say to Newton's gravitational law?
Nothing I suppose. And why? Because they didn't even know it. So wise men they we're...

Newton did not really need all those Laws...just one Law says it all.

Gravity Sux.

Allright, let's talk about some more fun themes. Do you know this girl?

zhè shì shén me nǚ shēng ?

cháng wà zǐ pí pí

Did you know that Astrid Lindgren wrote a II World War diary? Sweden didn't partizipate, so her perspektive was somewhat neutral.

Is pippi longstocking at all related to the famous chinese hero peter longprong?