Anyone watching the Tour De France?

I may be rubbish at Chess, but I can still put out a few hundred watts on the road bike, even at my age, anyone watching the TdF?
Been a crazy first 2 stages.

I always enjoyed it. Not following it as much as I used to but I still keep an eye on it. Somehow the Froome era has turned me off a little, just how it seems so inevitable and anticlimactic

For sure Froome was that good (thanks also to the team behind him). People are being mean to him now and accusing him when he did nothing wrong.

I mean if you really believe Froome did nothing wrong... well LOL

Bycicle-racing would be much better if any doping whatsoever would be allowed. We could not only bet on the stages outcomes but also on who will make it alive. And all this "how can i dope just so much that it won't be detected but still be more effective than the substances my opponent is taking" would also stop.

We could then have epic battles between Team Johnson & Johnson against Novartis Racing and the Pfizer All-Stars. Every year a new super-drug would come out which makes the racers of that team unbeatable - just like in the Formula One. Wouldn't that be phantastic?


Interesting point, I spoke with a friend and suggested they should have two tours, one clean and one where you can snort.inject and pop what you want.
As someone who rides and follows cycling even I can see there is underhand tactics going on, I even have a Festina 1997 Jersey, which I wear ironically, anyone who knows about cycling will know the Festina 1997 team got caught with performance enhancing drugs on the border and were disqualified from the 1997 tour
I do like wearing that Jersey compared to my Castelli's, for the irony lol

@krasnaya tbh at this point i would SERIOUSLY agree with you. If some people are crazy enough to do that then let them. I mean i don't even believe half of the cyclists are not using drugs.

Froome has been openly inhaling to treat his asthma which is a medical condition for which he is allowed to get relief. He never hid this, nothing underhand, and the positive test results he got were explained by his medication which is why he was cleared. I don't see a problem but because of real cheats winning Tours in the past like Lance Armstrong, he is getting flack.

Well the problem is that a lot of athletes. Cycling or other sports. Do get asthma without having it, because the asthma medicine gives you a big advantage in a cardio sport. We have had cross country skiiers in Norway that has had asthma being shut out of the sport because they took too big amounts of the inhaler, which gives them a bigger oxygene uptake. I am skeptical why the top athletes in cardio sports get more asthma than everyone else. It defies the Logic that a guy With asthma being better than a guy without dont you think?

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