Anybody here who doesn't have a chess set and play exclusively online ?

I don't currently own a chess set, although i plan to get one eventually, anyone here like me ?

in the distant past we had a chess set in the family home that is now lost or something, we barely knew how the pieces move, we didn't know the correct placement of king/queen or how to castle :P

I have a glass set and a marble set but both are missing a few pieces that I think are just lost forever.
So I play online only now.

Its not surprising that there "actually" players that have no chess sets. Collecting chess sets is a great side hobby for the chess player. I cherish all my chess sets and books, that I have accumulated over the many years of pre-internet chess. My chess clock despite hours of use still works fine. I would assume that you players who don't own sets, also don't know how to use descriptive notation. I am bilingual in chess notation. Its hard for me to find someone to play OTB anymore...but I miss OTB play. I would think those chess cheaters who use engines, simply could not play OTB chess. Left with only their brain...their true rating would show. - @icechess09 - Touching a nice fine wooden chess piece feels good. You can hold your captured enemy queen in your hand and saver the feel of it. I have about 18 chess sets as far as I can remember. Some are for playing with...some are just for looking at. :]

Unfair characterization... I learned description before algebraic but yeah, I wouldn't mind a set


Unless you intend to play in a tournament or play a friend/uncle/aunt/cousin, then there is on real point to having a real set.
OTB doesn't make the chess player; a love for chess makes the chess player.

That said, it might be nice to have one anyway just in case of solar flare or something...but I would suspect that there wouldn't be much time for chess in that event.

I really enjoy looking down at the chess board, with my head exactly vertical to the center of the board, no pieces can hide behind another one. that's the 2D board. Trying to do that with a physical set, would be a head-ache, or a game of head-butting if the opponents insists on being there too, when not his or her turn.... Online we can be superposed over the the center of the 2D board. this is great.

But it is true, having learned with physical chess sets, they do make the game more tangible.
Also, when the zombies take over, or other computer persistence problem, it would be nice to have a chess set.

with the right size of pieces for the size of board. BTW, this question of relative size, there are official rules no?
or an average preference, or an optimal one that most people would agree on, right?