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  3. Answer the question (forum game)

I will ask a question. You need to answer it. Whoever answers it correctly most recently before I come gets 1 point. I will announce who gets the point. Whoever gets 10 points first wins! Ready, go!

Question 1

What is 1+1 not?

One more rule: No repeating answers!

Good luck!

"Question 1

What is 1+1 not?"

Answer: A tomato. ;-)

The Question: What is 1+1 not?
The Answer: "1+1 not"! :))

Bzm_Mnsri gets 1 point!

Next question:

What is 486? Be creative in your answer.

486 is the Elo of the monkey playing white

486 is the sum of 400 and 86

PatzerGareBear13 gets 1 point!

Next question:

Define the word 'set'.