Animal kingdom

@Tomy10 : If you are going to accuse others of plagiarism, it is probably not a good idea to link to a post where the date confirms that this thread, being older than your "animals," cannot be a "copy." In fact, one could be lead to the conclusion that your thread was, in fact, the copy, as two different comments are to this effect. The only way in which the various threads that you accuse could be plagiarizing involves a rift in the space-time continuum, which seems a little too much work for it to happen on multiple occasions.
However, I am now curious as to the purpose of your operation to assume control of various off-topic discussion forums. Does "ownership" of a thread convey some sort of benefit that is worth stealing, lying, and making libelous accusations in order to obtain? Was spamming the "Yet Another Forum Game" thread a tactic in order to convince others that it was, in fact, plagiarism? How does one even determine ownership of a thread?
Is this a cry for help? A beg for attention? Do you have something more sinister in mind?

EDIT: Regarding the game, Elephant