Am I the only one who forgets to do the Captcha?

Every single time, I forget to do the Captcha thing and I need to find a checkmate in one and it gets frustrating and I want my mom

P.S I forgot to do the Captcha when posting this too

Yeah, just you. The first four or times I thought I had posted, it all disappeared. And I wondered why that puzzle thing was always there. It took some cogitating -- but I figured it out.
Let's see if I remember this time.
I suppose the purpose is to allow me to reconsider before I post something improper or incendiary, and a few times, it has saved me from embarrassment or approbation.

There was this very hard captcha I got last time I had to use the engine to help me solve it.

There were a LOT of pieces and a lot of them could give off check so I was too lazy to try one by one.

This is really an annoying thing.

Yesterday I wrote a longer message about something and then I forgot to solve the mate in one.
My whole work was gone.

Why does the system not simply ask to solve the puzzle before it delets the message.

This is a bug !

@Bishop1964 When I forget to do the Captcha, it doesn't delete my message, it just tells me to do it lol, maybe contact a mod to sort it out with some devs?

You are right. Now it works. Maybe this had something to do with my Reconnecting problems which I have all the time ?