Alternate history...what if ...?

Yes I conceed your point bunyip. I can see where issuing forth from the maternal (type) pouch of a wooden (male) seahorse,
(and. yes, nice bon-mot you did with the depth thing)
Would take some chutzpah to carry off, however (had that happened) we would now probably be cursing the Greeks for landing us with political correctness instead of saying things like (in the building trade in England at least) Never turn your back on a Greek.
This is with apologies to any of our Greek cousins who are reading this (unlikely). However it is commonly known y'all like a bit of what we call in the navy 'porthole pie'.
After all they do say in these hot countries (Arab nations and the like) "Women for duty. Boys for pleasure. Melons for ecstasy.
Although just what melons have to do with it I am at a loss to think, except that they do say that melon flesh is similar in texture to human flesh.
Said tongue-in-cheek of course and with apologies to any nation creed or colour I failed to grievously insult

I think we may all be agreed that it (P.C.) is in fact incorrect (and badly named therefore)
I think the idea of this thread. (although this is just my take on it). is to post something amusing which might have changed history and then throw that thought open for amusing replies and sometimes further exploration.
Just saying....

What if a user's post completely misses the point of this thread?

Point of discussion: Troy totally existed. It was located in modern day Ankara, I believe.
EDIT: If it's about marine biology, would it be a "bon moat?"
Second Edit: I tried way too hard on edit 1. I apologize.

@Kanaan92 seems unexpectedly to have stumbled on a valid point (much to everyone's surprise).
Are there things, so trivial that weather or not they happen doesn't make any difference in history, (like his posts in this thread)
I think a lot of even quite important things were inevitable (like WW!, and would have happened anyway regardless of the so-called 'trigger point' (The assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, in that particular case)).

So we can assume we are not changing history here, and go about our business without fear that a post in this forum (or any other for that matter no doubt) doesn't amount to a hill of beans. (Casablanca quote just for fun.)

Now one could argue (for example) that someone might read this post (unlikely) and think "Oh yeah, Casablanca , great film, now where ins my copy? And then, (not finding it) decides to go rent a copy from the local video store, (do people still do that?
He (or she) then gets run over and killed (therefore not siring (or having) any more children, one of whom would have gone on to become the true messiah, and so on.
So this just goes to show, you can never tell.

"Much to everyone's surprise"? And

What are you high on? @chessspy1 what is this an essay on philosophy or something?

@Kanaan92 Just life my friend.
I wake up every morning and think, Great! another day to live, to play chess, to do the work I love, and to love my (much younger ) wife.
In one of the best places in America, ("Wild" West Asheville) in the Smoky mountains, clean air, great scenery.
And every one loves my 'English' accent.
What more could one ask?
You know, some days I think of something to buy from the local store just to talk to people and take pleasure in their liking my accent.
However, I digress. Just as well this is not likely to change history.