Alternate history...what if ...?

What if that asteroid had missed us ?

What if Marie Antoinette had said "Invite them all in for some roast pheasant"?

mmm...should I maybe explain the idea a bit more ?

What if Archimedes had passed on having a bath because he was already late for a meeting?

he would have been smelling a bit more and been a bit more dirty.

Also, yeah you should

The idea is to imagine how history would be altered if certain people had done the opposite to what they actually did do to determine history.
For instance,altho marie antoinette never actually said let them eat cake,the rumour that she did was a catalyst for the French Revolution.

What if Nelson had said "Oh,yes..i see the signal now that you pointed it out to me "

What if Admiral Farragut had said "Damn..torpedoes...full astern !!"