alcoholic beverage consumption and competitive chess

I am a drinker. I am acutely aware that after even one drink my ability is diminished. However, I also play for enjoyment, and my pleasure is often enhanced by some inebriation. Wondering what others think of this conundrum.

Totally concur.In fact,up to a point,it can help by relaxing you and easing anxiety feelings...past that point,and you don't give a damn anyway.

Win-Win. :) @sparowe14

xkcd had that comic with the joke about the (Steve) "Ballmer Peak," an ideal level of BAC where programming skill is significantly enhanced.

I can say with certainty there's some soundness to the theory. At least a couple spikes in my blitz progression were the result of an alcohol induced "flow state." When I still played various first person shooters, and drank, it occurred frequently. Probably something to do with artificially smoothing fine motor skills. Also likely why alcohol and other depressants are regarded as "performance enhancing drugs" in shooting sports.

It's also worth noting once you realize you're in this "zone" you've probably consumed enough that you can expect a drop off soon. I've cut back on my drinking but I've picked a coffee habit back up with similar "flow states" and rating spikes. Long term health impacts yet to be determined.

No joke but the next day after a good drinking session is when I feel I win most games and play my best. Not sure why this is, and it's definitely not a one off thing, have noticed it for years now.

When I suffer a category 5 hangover an by chance catch my face in a mirror, I tend to look radiant.
No idea why.

@bacardirum Frank Marshall apparently observed the same pattern. He said if you are doing badly in a tournament, get completely drunk one night and the next day you will play better.
I haven't noticed that, but I believe it. My explanation is "taking the edge off" i e getting your brain out of an over-nervous mode where you outfox yourself, and into a more relaxed attitude where the subconscious does the work.

Same with me, but other intoxicants work as well.

It would be good as a experiment @sparowe14 if you could monitor me, I have not played much chess but I will tomorrow x I am going to crush people :)

I'm going to buy a bottle of Flor de Cana right now, to enhance my monitoring.

It's 10AM that still a bit too early to start "monitoring"?