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  3. A Little Help (Testing, 1, 2, 3)

Just testing to see if the link below displays the way I expect it to.

Such that, in the future, all I need to do is search this thread and find the link.

Testing ... 2, 3, 4 ...

Search Terms:

Roger Rabbit
Whining Crying Baby
Baby Herman

I, too, have become aware of being driven by the drive to extensively as well as intensively explore the full potential of that very same and in my personal opinion mindwiggling functionality.
Let's see..

Ah, one appears to have mastered it.
Truimph, as they say, is ever so clearly mine.

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@RomanStefanski -- This thread was created for my own test purposes. To test the use of and a place to keep track of where I've used GIF's to describe other users' random whining and complaining about things they have control over (if not knowledge of beforehand).

In other words, I was just testing a bunch of Roger Rabbit GIFS that I plan on using and referencing on a regular basis to help other LiChess users and participants understand how their own whining and complaining constitutes unsportsmanlike-like whining and complaining and misbehavior.

(Hereabouts,) Common variations on regular complaint themes ensue.


Common themes on a variation of regular complaints thus ensue (hereabouts).

Dear Mr. Charles,

I sincerely hope that your testing has gone according to plan and that the ensuing results have flooded your being with contentment and blythehood.

I would, however, appreciated if you could manage to cease your whining about my using your testing thread for my own purposes.

Thank you in advantage,


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