رسالة من وإلى بيروت الأبية ... ! 💜🙏

اليوم نحزن غداً نشيع بعده تعلق المشانق ... فالترفع الصلوات على أرواح شهدائنا الأطهار ... وما الغد إلا لناظره قريب ... ! 💜🙏

#LegendaryKazamaza 💜🙏

God save you , sorry about what happened

I Was there !
I Saw it all !
I Heard it all !
Ive experienced it all !
I dont know about god tbh but what was there is us human reaping what we sow , it is as simple as that my friend !
Our greed hate and envy has made our mother earth thirsty for blood.
Thus sacrifices shall be made and in a fight between good and evil we ask not to be saved but to die with love and light !💜🙏

😥 always the poor civilians have to pay and suffer 😥
I Hope we won't lose our hope for change.
My hart is with all you - all over the globe.

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