WTF. I made it so my lobby was causual games only! WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT

The lobby doesn't always show rated/casual.

It's supposed to only show Casual standard 1550+
The website glitched and started showing everything when it wasn't supposed to

I can understand the frustration, but there's no need to start yelling after losing a single rated game. It's alright, you'll win games again in the future. Plus, @Link is right, the lobby always shows if the game is casual or rated, so just check it before clicking the game to play.

I don't understand what's the problem here, can't you just set it back to casual?

I overfly to the absolute absurd reason why you resign games where you're winning just to say that you are complaining that you lost rating points because you didn't realize it was a rated match and this is nobody but your fault.
Some of lichess updates require resets of user settings but of course they give you the option to re-set everything like you want.

"I've read the forums and it looks like the site was really bugged and having a loss on my account because of a bug feels horrible."

You resigned the game, you chose to lose the game. How is it the site fault?

"Just look at my profile, not a single ranked game besides that one from the bug"

No, you have 194 rated games in your profile. Last one was 3 weeks ago, so the thing you say you only play casual is false. But whatever, since you want to play only casual I don't see why you should care about your rating.

> you lost rating points because you didn't realize it was a rated match
I didn't lose rating because i didn't realize it was a rated game

I lost rating because it was a rated game
My lobby is only supposed to show casual games what do you not understand about that?

Resigning a winning game is a kind of abusive behaviour that could easily be automatically tracked. I guess the solution that suits all parties is banning rated games for accounts performing it.

You definitely care way too much about a loss in a board game and this probably shows way more important underlying problems with your life. How something this unimportant ruins your day is a bit pathetic, i´m sorry. No girl in the world will ever look at your lichess account and marry you because you don´t have a ranked loss on it.
Get over it man.

> because you don´t have a ranked loss on it

@SteveEricJordan I find it humorous you say that while having no ranked games played yourself

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