WTF. I made it so my lobby was causual games only! WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT

I made it so my lobby only showed casual games 1550+ BUT YOU GUYS RANDOMLY CHANGED IT AND ADDED RANKED GAMES!
Why would you put me in a ranked game without my knowledge!

Please revert this last game

It's really freaking dumb because i was winning the game and i only resigned because i thought it was a casual game.


Why do you resign winning games?

Why would i play out a bad game / a game i'm going to win.

I resign games where i know i'm 100% going to win and my opponent is just wasting my time.
I resign games where i have a chance of winning but i know i made a inaccuracy / mistake in the early game.

Me resigning the game is besides the point, My lobby shouldn't have had a ranked game in it.
I've read the forums and it looks like the site was really bugged and having a loss on my account because of a bug feels horrible.

Just look at my profile, not a single ranked game besides that one from the bug

چرا چیدمان اختصاصی بازیها رو به صورت خودکاربه حالت پیشرفرض تغییر داده اید و من مجبور شدم دوباره آنها رو به صورت دلخواهم تغییر دهم

Why did you automatically change the custom layout of the games to the default mode and I had to change them to my liking again?

The seek settings were refactored and reset recently, so players have to set them again.

It's unfortunate but I think you have a loss on your account because you resigned.

I have a loss on my account because i was put in a ranked game when i was only supposed to be showed casual games

Don't think its a bug, it happens every so often. Its not a big deal anyway. Just change your settings back. The lobby always shows rated/casual anyway so make sure you read it before clicking