Win-Rate of not just my favorite openings

In our Lichess profiles we have: What is the Win-Rate of my favorite openings as white?

Feature request: What is the Win-Rate of all Lichess favorite openings as white?

With this feature trend, it would show to the community what opening are popular on the Lichess site.

I would tend to want to study those very popular openings.
Openings that are popular this week, might not be as popular next week.
So it would give new material to study if it changes often.

The result needs to be sorted by White.
Winning streak: Openings that tend to win more than lose games. (Nice to know, these are the ones to learn)
Losing streak: Openings that tend to lose more than win games. (Nice to know, not to try these.)

We can kind of already see a bit of this information using the Lichess opening book, collected from Lichess games played on Lichess.

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