why should we keep playing ???? new faker ???? players

pls lichess stop forcing me to play new players! The ??????? next to their name 90% of the time is some 2000 ranked player and it blows to play these morons! Then u warn me to not abort when 80% of people u send me are ?????????????????????????/ players lichess please make them play themselves so people with real rankings are not effected thank you.

If nobody wants to play new players, then how can they ever get an established rating? If everybody thought like you, then you would never have been able to play here, as you started as a new player with ???? yourself so everybody would have shunned you as you ask to do with new players.

I would advocate, that players with a FIDE rating could start with that rating instead of being seeded with the provisional 1500?

#3: New players can play new players :) I don't mind playing new players sometimes but it is always a gamble.

Why should a new player join lichess if he cannot play in tournaments and if he only can play against other new players?
This sounds like discriminating new players.

TPR, Everyone. I Understand how it appears. I'm not talking about tournaments. I'm speaking only about quick pairing. It stinks to raise your rating up to 1750 then be forced to play 1500? who's re-stetting or re-starting/forming a new account and used to be 2000 ranked. You can only abort so many games to these players before being forced to play. It's just a suggestion. I love this site and i'm offering up feedback I feel would help. I'm not against others making new accounts. I simply should have a choice not to play them in my opinion.

1st) This is, why the Glicko-system uses the rating deviation additional to the rating. The rating deviation tells, how sure we are about the rating of a player. Players with no or few games have a big rating deviation. If you lose against a player with a big rating deviation, you lose only few rating points, because the system knows, that it does not know, how strong your opponent actually was.

2nd) Playing against 1500? also gives you the chance, that he plays very badly, much worse, than a true 1500.

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