Why politics on Lichess?

Congratulations to lichess for taking a stand on this important topic. I fully support you.

Oh heck I thought this was a random pop up too. Huh. Well this thread took off like lightning Damn.

I haven't read everything yet. but my first impression knowing that lichess is addressing this matter?

I don't mind it at all. No one is forcing me to click the link. Actually I am impressed @thibault for taking the chance in receiving the title wave of criticism.

Besides that, knowing how controversial this subject can be, personally I am concerned over the human impact on global warming. Even today in the states several heat records are being broken. I live in the northeast and 80 Somthing degrees in October is not a common occurrence. The forecast is predicting record breaking heat in N.Y. city and Philadelphia P.A.

I'm used to snowball fights and winter jackets in October.

These are my own impressions I'm not much of a scientist yet so don't hit me too hard. Wait until I graduate in physics then I'll be up for debate.

The "it's an ad" argument is just an excuse anyways. There'd be much less discussion if the link would go to a site featuring cute kitten videos.

And by the way, yes, it's very easy to ignore that link. If you get enraged about it, maaaaybe there's more reason to it for you other than just "I don't want political debates" (starting/joining a discussion about politics is a weird way to express that wish, really).

You will see the redirecting link again if you delete your Browser history.

The green posted redirecting link should have been first started in the Lichess Official Blog and it's not too late to place it there.

If it's going to be part of a permanent lichess feature ... than I think it should be put under the home page icons named ...

Lichess Patron
Swag Store
Fridays For Future - The World Need You

If I really wanted to do my part in cleaning the air in this world, I would boycott my job, like arriving late (one minute late) at work. Do you think one minute ... less work hours would help the climate?

If the world stopped this 24/7 pollution habit for only one minute of no pollution, would it make a difference?

I think the real solution is in how we consume and waste our time on things.

I have a great toaster. It makes toast very well, very consistently in fact . I don't expect my toaster to be a blender, just like how i expect my chess website to turn into an outlet for debate over political topics. Sorry, just my opinion, since we're all sharing how we feel.

>There'd be much less discussion if the link would go to a site featuring cute kitten videos.
As for me, I don't think so. Ad is ad, even if it's ad for site featuring cute kitten videos.
>It's very easy to ignore that link.
It's not to excuse to create them.
>If you get enraged
Yes, I do. Because Lichess positioning itself as "ad-free". Even if ad is a link on big green banner.

The personal is political. By the choices we make, and the way we implement things, we implicitly endorse certain types of politics. Lichess is a free, open source website, which directly encourages community approaches and rejects private profit motives. That is already a significant political endorsement, which everybody using this site benefits from.

If you're uncomfortable with having things unrelated to chess in this website, why haven't you taken a stand against Lichess's philosophies before? It isn't the job of chess to reject modern day consumerist culture and endorse free, open source tech, but here we are. And here you are, too.

I don't think it's valid or reasonable to say that advocating action against climate change is political. At this point, it's scientific fact that much of the earth's biodiversity and habitability will be lost for many of its inhabitants, including us. We are in the midst of a major extinction event - the sixth extinction. This isn't political, just as raising awareness after a major natural disaster isn't political.

Why not disable most features on Fridays in order to save energy? Turning off most servers, disabling computer analysis for games played on Fridays, disabling cheat detection and pinging on Fridays.

@Cynosure well said.

@WalkerBoy and @Dentraq :

This is the criticism I'm talking about.

But maybe some of us think the time has come to put our grandchildren before are chess games? If this is so bad you have to pout about it I'd recommend giving a try.

I welcome people to have whatever beliefs they want. It's healthy to have a difference of opinion. However, when I play chess I prefer it to be just that.