Why politics on Lichess?

This thread is actually decent, judging by the first page. Lichess is reasonable at discussing things.

Good points on the firsts posts on this thread, but mostly agree with NoJoke.

#2&3 Greta may have a political science degree [ poly-sci ] :]

I saw the notification in green on the bottom of the website and immediately clicked on it and was surprised that I got redirected to another site. At first I thought I had malware, so I cleared my browser history and returned to the site and discovered this thread about the redirecting link.

I thought all links that get redirected where going to be in the forums.

Can the Green notification redirecting links be in the Community Lichess Forum Section rather than on Home page?

In other words, if we click this link ...
I would then have that green pop-up notification appear on the home page.

If the site is in Kid mode does the notification appear to them too ? Looks like it does....

I don't think that re-directing link should be available in Kid mode.

Okay, @thibault, now you can implement a ton of ad shit in Lichess. Because it's not a "ad-free" anymore.

Dont understand why I'm seeing the ads if I already support this webpage monthly. Might as well move to if that's the attitude of this chess site. And I hate

Feature request : For the Kid mode users on lichess, please have re-directing links not available in Kid mode. Thanks.

This is not an ad its more of a PSA. That being said, Greta is the "KONY 2012" of 2019

An ad is when a site gets paid to display content. We do not get paid. That's not an ad, it's a link.

If you don't like the link, close it by pressing the big X on the right side, and you'll never see it again.

>it's a link
This "link" related with chess? And nope, this "link" looked right like an ad, even if you don't get paid for it.
Okay, using this position, you can advertising anything every day and saying: "No, cmon, it's not an ad, it's a BIG GREEN BANNER with link, it's normal".