Why politics on Lichess?

@K0ld In what context do you percieve it? You're going to have to do better than that. The breadcrumb trail doesn't end at one finding. It's clear now, you're one of those people. Can't learn if you don't listen/don't care. Convo over.

Well the atmosphere in this thread clearly demonstraties one of the downfalls of this new lichess "feature". Thankfully not seen this on lichess before and I sure hope lichess will reconsider bringing politics to this site.

@NoJoke About links and etc. It'd be probably best to keep anything nonchess related off the site, anything that doesn't pertain to the site completely out, it filters out the drama. Especially with all the hyped up emotions of all the crapstorm things going on in the world today. Thanks for your efforts to help.

Just leave it out. If someone is interested, they are smart enough to search it up themselves. I'm sure lichess won't want people leaving for

-It's an ad. Lichess' stated mission is to be an ad free platform, among other things.
-Fridays for future promotes kids skipping school. The earth isn't being helped when kids get a worse education and it's irresponsible of you promoting this on your site.
-Everybody and their grandmother already knows about Fridays for Future because every single newspaper, radio and tv channel reports about it and the annoying Greta Thunberg. You're tarnishing lichess' reputation for some without getting any real return for it.
-It's a movement funded by George Soros. This should be reason enough not to promote it.

Not all parents want their kids to skip school. If you are going to try to convince kids to lose education just to protest, parents won't be happy and will add lichess to their blocked sites.

I don't see the link.
However thibault has every right to promote politics, humanism, trap porn, communism, any and all types of nihilism, degeneracy and advocate for interspieces marrige on his site. That being said, I too have no interest in seeing some random girl being prostituted for ideological purposes. Lack of awereness is not the issue IMO.