Why politics on Lichess?

For my penny's world. Our planet was fucked as soon as we 'stepped foot on it', I really couldn't imagine any planet fairer better than what has to be a normal, logical progression. That's why we haven't been visited by aliens. (Yes, I did read the same, elsewhere) but it is also a natural, progressional thought, a sort of, oh, yeah, we're better because we're lighting fires kind of better.

greta is standing on the shoulders of giants. she's spewing the same material from other scientists, but she gets media attention because she's a 16-year old female dropout with autism. asia contributes more to world pollution than europe, SA. and NA combined, but nobody likes to talk about it.


I like to talk about it.

If I look around here in germany we do have a lot of stuff produced in china..

Is this to simple thinking from me?
For example I sit with 5 people in front of the TV eating food. Complaining about the smell from the food from the kitchen.
We decide the kitchen has the bigest smell...
..and continue eating our food (from the kitchen)

In germany if I look around we have a lot of stuff produced in china..

She is used as a pawn by people don't give a shit, just like the kids they tried out before her. Very fitting for a chess website in my opinion. Those people, who still drive gas powered vehicles, who still buy produces shipped by gas powered vehicles, are using her to promote their own political views using climate issues. The idea is if you take something scientific and piggy back some numbskull BS to it, people will think that's got to be science too, unless they want to be evil CLIMATE DENYING NAZIS!!!1!

And like all who came before her and all who will come after, nothing will change because no one truly cares.

@Sputnik_Monroe reducing industry in china isn't going to reduce demand for products

- there will always be consumers for a product or service
- there will always be someone to produce a product or a service
- someone will always do it cheaper and/or en masse
- environmental awareness is costly for mass business

nothing is going to change in the regard of business, plain and simple. perhaps if we took a look at something like private transportation, we could go somewhere. for instance, making affordable (sub-$13k) electric vehicles, and in more variety (e.g. racing vehicles, trucks, etc.)

it won't change the fact that people enjoy legacy options for their versatility, reliability, non-proprietary features, and general use, but perhaps an impact could be made on women in college or outspoken "activists" who think driving a prius changes the world.

it's a narrow topic we both created, but i figure we should solidify smaller arguments to make a stronger overall solution rather than make radical changes that go nowhere.

@angrymonkey agreed, euthanasia would most likely be the best overall solution, though it would be a radical one. religion would be the first thing to get in the way, the second thing being activism towards it. the hypocrisy in mass-euthanasia activists would bring it nowhere unless they acted upon what they preach, which would end the activism "cycle".

implementing a euthanasia program would also bring up a sort of "honor" system which would likely guilt people into killing themselves, which would likely drop the appeal for it, despite it being for the "greater good".

another problem would be the "20th century mindset" where it really isn't *our* problems, moreso the problem of people several generations ahead of us. so in reality, the only way the euthanasia route would work would be for a decentralized mass-extermination of every people, regardless of ethnicity, class, etc. it could work, but it would be frowned upon.

unfortunately, it would also need to be decentralized due to laws preventing mass exterminations from happening. if it were to go into action, there would be crackdowns on certain laws which would harm people trying to protect themselves from getting offed, which would actually help the global solution.

in reality, this is a very unrealistic solution for a couple of reasons, the primary of which is a sort of "moral barrier" which cannot be broken because of the way people think these days.

Will there be a likely climate change countdown timer displayed on this site?
I think ... just showing a deadline, might put more awareness on climate change than a link to another site.

The timer could show for example 5566 days left before the climate reaches a likely point of no return from the temperatures recorded back before the industrial age.

I hope we are all getting ready to adapt to change, because for the short term climate change, winter is in 76 days.

During winter, what's the safe following distance between cars? Well if you need to use your breaks on the highway to control your speed, you're probably following to close or not easing off on the gas in time and so this habit is not good for the environment. Everyone can do their part in climate change. All it takes is a bit of ability and willingness ... the power comes from the engine.

@Toscani Is 450 a parody? Do you really think people who tailgate on icy roads and put their lives in danger in the immediate will think about the climate changing in a century and decide not to do it? Prime example of a bs idea that's meant to make the person who thought of it feel good and not much else.

Dirty political games with child uses is an ignorant thing on Lichess. Stop propagation of political games. This situation not about climate, This is just a political tool against "enemies" of USA.