Why politics on Lichess?

"Increasingly toxic". Member since 02-Oct-2019. The irony.

Man , I can't keep up with this thread anymore , plus my popcorn has ran out.

Does anyone know what happened to the great thread ender Dionysus_god? His magical powers are sorely missed.....

Ironically (given the trolly/despicable nature of the thread creator), I think the popularity of this thread will actually help a few people become more aware of the climate crisis. Likewise, this thread motivated me (and I'm sure others) to give some of my delicious Soros shekels to lichess. <3

@chezboris Maybe we can resurrect a few more murdered political threads in the prospect of generating greater advertiser revenue? Like your thinking!

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with advertising on Thibalt's platform. My problem would only then with the curtailment of the threads discussing those topics. Can't have it both ways, surely?

OK. Let me do some off the cuff calculations here. {lanet is going to die due to our carbon export, in the next 50 ? years?. Greta gets everybody to drive electrical vehicles by 2030 in the West. In China - by the year after. We have managed to build enough power stations consuming what? Wind? Nuclear? The ony reasonable answer would be fusion. How much are we investing? Don't be hypocritical arseholes. Thibault - save your platform for chess.

""Increasingly toxic". Member since 02-Oct-2019. The irony. "

Maybee after fsj was deleted, nobody wants to discuss with his "true" account.

OK, I'm sure I could dig up a thread in which I advocated euthansia, which was subsequently shut down. What do you want to do? Save the planet or defend people's feelings?