Why politics on Lichess?

I agree with js86 first post, i come here to play chess, dont care about anything else on this website, science, politics, you name it...

Some people here are acting like it's one of those giant pop-up ads that appear for 30 seconds until you can close it. It's a tiny banner in the corner ffs. Just click on the tiny "x" and you can continue to ignore climate change.

Just voice my support for link. @thibault / lichess has shown support for other causes before (ie: Net Neutrality), and I appreciate trying to pressure global leaders to act to combat climate change. <3

@laatikko Its not contradictory. You pretended I wanted a market where meth is legal just because I don't want plastic usage regulated.

Technology has to keep progressing or humanity will wither away whether its to an environmental crisis or something else. All of these environmental policies slow technological progress, don't let the market decide which technologies are best invested in, and pretend no further advancements will be made. That's the problem.

Individual freedoms are actually very well defined in the U.S. constitution. Other countries have problems with allowing free speech and ownership of guns among other things, but what made the U.S. keep the world afloat for the last century is how well individual freedoms are allowed to persist. People are allowed to think whatever they want and it is why technological development here is ahead of anywhere else. You are really saying censoring me because of my opinion would promote other's individual freedoms? That's not how it works and that type of thinking always leads to destruction if a government adopts it.

Again, forcing people to cooperate on social problems is not the government's job. Beyond governments always being slow and inefficient at anything they do, its wrong for the state to decide what a social problem is.

@thibault : lol. I used to run a doughnut shop/cafe in Montreal (named Chez Boris)... Didn't know about "soirée disco" song until I opened the shop. No regrets... <3

@mathijshuis The issue is with the content of the banner, not the size of it. If the banner was directly asking for donations to communist China and to help kids skip school, then any reasonable person would have a problem with it. But remove it just one step from that by having the cause be about those things under the guise of "saving the climate" and we are supposed to be okay with it?

I'm just feeling left out for not having seen the thing.

My problem with climate control is Greta. My problem with anti fascism, is antifa. My problem with the ban animals for food are the people who sprayed a public building using a fire engine. My problem with the climate control is also those who fly drones in the aerodromes of airports. All these things are dumbing down the arguments and polarising the debates. With regard to climate control - or the lack of it, as seems the greater problem. Why don't we have an autistic Chinese Clim ats Fooked doing the rounds on the world's media platforms? Instead - we've got a Swedish Greta........Possibly, the country which is trying to do do the most to reduce it's emissions, Sweden.......Not looking it?