Why politics on Lichess?

@Chuck_Fess As others have pointed out, learn to read. My point is completely pertinent. If they start posting political messages, the content of that message is at their whim and who knows what they'll post tomorrow. You're just cheering because you happen to agree with this one.

@Geert_Wilders Haven't you heard? Mob rule is the new thing.

@K0ld I hear what you're saying. I'm not telling them what to say or not to say. I'm merely asking them to abide by their own principles and regulations.
Everything gets politicised these days, hence my complaint. If the message in question was arguing for some right-wing cause, this forum would be overflowing with criticism and boycott threats. (To be clear, climate change isn't a left-wing issue, but the incessant, apocalyptic fearmongering about it is)

What a coincidence that lichess remembered about climate change just now... even though the site is like 9 years old :)

"If they start posting political messages, the content of that message is at their whim and who knows what they'll post tomorrow."

When they post something irresponsible, then I'll object to it. Not before, though.

Your discomfort at being confronted about this is exactly why people do it.

Continuing to destroy the planet because a bunch of people don't want to change their lifestyle is just as much "mob rule" as anything else.

The ultimate point is that this link has absolutely no effect on you whatsoever. I had no idea it even existed until you brought it to my attention. The reason it bothers you so is because of your insecurity in your position.

@Chuck_Fess You're thinking like a child and it's not getting through to you. Only objecting to something when you don't agree with it isn't very forward-thinking. When they'll come for you, there'll be no one to speak up for you.
I hope you're not applying those rigorous reasoning standards to your climate forecasts.

@Chessplayer1523 Of course, it's not as if they're reading climate reports or anything. Just galvalised by the fearmongering hype and a prepubescent teen raging at the cameras.

"Extinction Rebellion... Fridays for Future... This is not an ad, it's an outcry."

You must be joking. I hope you're not speaking on behalf of lichess' staff. An ad - excuse me, an "outcry" - supporting a George Soros funded movement...

What's next? "Play chess against fascism"? "Hungarians are free to use this site as long as they don't support Viktor Orbán"? "We exchange our chess figure sets with abstract shapes in order not to offend anyone who's gender wasn't represented before"?

On a constructive note: How about a "Stop warmongering with Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya" banner? But I get it, that wouldn't be as fashionable as pretending to care for the earth.

I can’t even find the article. Where is it on lichess?


Yes, everybody gets it, when you make up cartoonish arguments and pretend other people have made them, it is easy to mock those arguments. Lichess have done nothing remotely comparable to your hilarious strawman of banning Hungarians, or anybody else.

I wonder if those people crying about ads because Lichess shared a link also object to all the links to non-Lichess sites such as Youtube or Twitch that can be found on the site. Here, for instance: