Why politics on Lichess?

@thibault None of those are clear cut when an average user looks at them. Its hard to tell. Maybe 10-25 cp loss games are cheating, maybe <10 cp games that are still near the opening are cheating. The problem here is that we just kind of have to trust lichess is acting in good faith. Before you put this climate change stuff out, the site only had 1 agenda: good chess. Now, there's this second climate change activism agenda and it sows doubt into whether this guy got banned for good reason. Maybe he did, but no one can tell for sure.

I remember a thread where a lichess mod explained on a full site why the lichess cheat detection is soooooooo far superior to the cheat detection (and I have no doubts it is).
So this guy played 14.000 games, did not get caught and now he is caught exactly the same day he started a thread opposing the lichess-consensus?
Sounds not really good...

Guys, please ... These games have been played a long time ago, why is he considered as a cheater just after his message ?

I highly doubt that happened. Before we could conclude that our detection is superior to we would need to know what they are doing. Since it's kept under lock and key, nobody knows what they do over there.

This isn't the first time and it will not be the last time someone with 10k+ games decides to cheat.

If no one reports no one is banned. If you bring yourself into the focus you report yourself.

Mods, do it your way and close this thread! Thx, guys!

@thibault But one question: for how many time every friday will be there this ad for greta? Till greta has saved the world or till the hype is over?

@lovlas I highly doubt you guys conduct investigations on everyone who decides to make a forum post just because they made a forum post. That's not an effective way to catch people. This guy was specifically investigated because he made a forum post, you admitted that, so the question becomes if it was because of the specific content of his forum post.

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