Why politics on Lichess?

"Definition of advertisement in English: A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy." See

This clearly counts as an advertisement. The fact that lichess is not getting money from it is irrelevant. This is a violation on the lichess' no-ads policy and therefore it should be removed.

i do agree that certain measures have to be taken about climate change, but I'm just sick of seeing that girl over the net and now over here too when she doesn't even know anything about it

Anyone know any alternative chess sites that are completely ad free / propaganda free ? In sweden we have been dealing with this screaming Greta kid for a year. We are fed up with this bullshit, enough is enough xD

I really hope the mods are reconsidering their previous statements, which I believe is the reason why this thread hasn't been closed/deleted yet.

Look, even if the banner was about promoting something uncontroversial, say, animal rights, breast cancer research, or helping war veterans with PTSD it still wouldn't feel right to be in the main page of a chess website.

And I said this earlier but maybe the off-topic discussion subforum might be the best place for staff to promote stuff like this.

@Toscani CO2 is good for trees. Trees are the environment. Are you really advocating for removing CO2?

dont remove co2 completely as that would disallow trees and plants to photosynthesize but we need to just cut out some of it

Methane and other chemicals are much more harmful than co2.

Hey. I have an idea: stop farting lol

First they came for the cars and I did not speak out because I didn't have a car. Then they came for the farts...

Instead of decreasing the amount of CO2,think about growing more trees.It will decrease amount of carbon in a natural way,and therefore generate more oxygen.Carbon and oxygen should be balanced.If there is not enough carbon,then plants will die,which means there is no food chance for animals.However,if not enough oxygen,then animals will die,and it will affect whole ecosystem a lot...Hope this comment helps :)