Why politics on Lichess?

At first, I thought I caught a malware. It’s so strange to see non-chess things on the chess site.

maybe dev team could add an option, like : do you want to get non-chess related pop-up / advertisement ?

This crap does not belong on any gaming site, much less a chess site, much less one that bills itself as advertisment-free.

And yes, it is an advertisement by definition, even if you aren't being paid. That makes it worse -- at least get paid if you're going to push an agenda.

PS - If you're going to turn this into a political activism site, at least put links to all sides of the argument.

PPS - It's a crazy argument saying that taxing corporations in the EU/USA will fix anything while simultaneously ignoring BRICS countries, who are each orders of magnitude worse. Activists have been brainwashed by this crap because it is constantly SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS, and now lichess is. Thanks for spreading fear, lies, and deceit.

Dear Chess players....

This thread is growing, ... hopefully into a constructive support movement to help correct the climate change problem.
I hope this post will get some attention, so that chess players can brain storm some climate change ideas. After all we solve problems every day. The climate change problem should be an easy one to fix for a problem solver.

Let's brain storm some ideas on this forum post. Something that the world can see. One idea brings on another.

Every new year's eve, I pick a yearly resolutions to better myself. At the present moment, with this climate change problem, I have decided to change the way I do things. I have decided to boycott ... my wants (I want this, I want that) and only stick to my needs (I need this today). If I success for a day, I will try to do it also tomorrow. If everyone does it, then we will obviously consume less and so pollute less.

Now is the time to do a brain storming resolution ...

We search the web to learn chess, we can surely search the web to find a solution for this climate problem.
We have the skills to solve problems, so let's now apply them in a real world situation, not just over the board.

We REALLY don't need politically correct garbage for total morons on this website. Let's just play chess, ok?! Nobody is interested in the private opinions of the website's owner. Do it again, and I'm out of here.

Why the hell this crap must be placed on a chess site?

Ok, I was gonna become a supporter and pay for lichess, but now i know where the funds go. To leftist politics. thanks for making this clear before i decided to support :)

@bunyip okay that's cool. I always enjoy your angle of approach when addressing these forum topics.

@kazamaza that was an amazing speach you have it figured out brother thank you for the inspiration.

@testaccount42. His wording was perfect. You should try switching the left side of you brain with the right.

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