Why lett players play?

Everybody must say Hi. Always 2 games. People in here dont do thta. Why? How can i tell this is real chessplayere white manners in Chess?

You're asking why players don't say 'hi' to you, in game? And they only play at most two games with you?

Because they can choose to play only 1 game instead of 2 and they can choose to not say hi.

Thats NOTT chess. Even the topp ranking players in the World saysd Hi.

How can it be "right" as in a toway artform, if 1 player only gett to play ones and have black pices and nott gett to play whit wite 1 time becuase the player only plays 1 game. Its nott chess at all.

Is comment ment fore me? If it whas....LOLOL..stay on topic. Just try it. I like Mr Ananad beter then Mr Carlsen an i am from Norway soe spare me fore the dicriminatin if that comment whas ment fore me. And dont minde the spelling as long as you take the point : ) Butt this i can ad: Why does maaaany player dont say ore show(flagg under there names) where they re from? Can you tell me that Mr Pushwood?