Why has Lichess gone all SJW??

Because climate change activism shares all the characteristics of a religion. It has a moral system with weird rules people must live by and an apocalyptic outcome if they don't. The religion needs converts and it is best to do it with children since they are impressionable. But beyond children its good to spread the message to everyone, even people who don't want to hear it. This is the equivalent of someone showing up at your door with a pamphlet about God.

@chesseater78 I believe religions exist because they give an advantage. They allow for empathy to be extended beyond a small community which is necessary for building a society. Earlier in history, anyone with a religion would be more organized and could easily engulf anyone lacking one. Without religion, humanity wouldn't have gotten very far. That said, they are a blunt tool because the only goal is to propagate. Disregarding the truth and violence are the two biggest problems with religion.

While climate change activism recruits, imposes ideas, and shames non-believers all like a religion does, there is still one aspect of I mentioned isn't like a religion on a large scale...yet.

Not trying to offend anyone who is religious, just pointing out this climate thing is pretty much lichess trying to recruit people to a church. I'm agnostic.

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